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Our Last, Best Hope: Sleeping in Light
10-22-2012, 05:23 AM (This post was last modified: 10-22-2012 06:16 AM by Scott.)
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Our Last, Best Hope: Sleeping in Light
Not exactly yet, but easily by the end of 2012, The Babylon Podcast will have ceased being a regularly scheduled podcast.

7 years of crazy geeking on a show that only lasted 5 years.

Nearly 300 episodes dedicated to a show that had 110 episodes plus 13 Crusade episodes, 7 unproduced Crusade episodes, 5 movies, and 2 Lost Tales... and not nearly enough in the comics and novels department.

What will we do next?
10-27-2012, 06:46 AM
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RE: Our Last, Best Hope: Sleeping in Light

Are you going to have a hard ending like Evo Terra did with Evo @ 11?

11-01-2012, 06:56 AM
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RE: Our Last, Best Hope: Sleeping in Light
Evening Babcasters!

Just wanted to drop by to thank you for the work you’ve done.
I've been listening to the Babcast for a couple of years now and it’s been a scream, it really has! Hours of careful analysis by dedicated people who know their game and can speak with an authority that most, including myself, can only dream of. The archive contains substantive, insightful and frequently humorous material that will have you crying with laughter and then crying with grief as you relive the passing of Sheridan and the dignified grief of Delenn. The resultant back catalogue is a definitive work in its own right and Summer, Tim and Brett deserve huge and enormous kudos for hanging in there and gettin’ it done.

It’s really sad that the powers that be, the suits that control the money, still haven't realised how good Bab5 actually is. There’s so much in there that isn't really clear or obvious on the first or second passes...but the more you watch it, the more substance you find...some of it is really deep and as relevant to our own reality as it might be to an imaginary one. Bab5 encourages tolerance, the strength of community and the importance of the big picture rather than the one might initially appear to be more important, the one that is frequently right in front of us. I think, and I don't think I'm over playing this, that the message it contains is just as relevant as any religious text I've ever seen. It’s all imaginary but somehow, it’s also very very relevant to the way we feel we want to lead our lives within our own human community.

So, what we want is more Bab 5 and what we want is more Firefly, for they are both very similar in many many ways. Both are studies of human emotion, communal integration and harmony, both studies of communication and a reflection of the harsh reality of our own real Universe. JMS has given us a canvas as rich as rich can be. I for one fervently hope that the B5 story, a story and a Universe I grew up with, does not drift off quietly into the ether with the ending of the wonderful, enlightened and entertaining Babcast, never to be seen again. I for one hope that somewhere in the Ivory towers, the suits realise how much more of the B5 Universe there is to explore and how much more it has to give.

Conveniently, this now becomes even more pertinent after today’s announcement that Disney has purchased Lucasfilm with the intention of peddling more and more Star Wars to the masses. It might make them money, it might make them lots of money, but as an artistic work and an addition the rich tapestry of human creative ability, it is weak, cynical and already fatally flawed. Babylon Five, on the other hand, is crying out for retelling with a proper structured budget and visionary creative leadership. It pleads for a commitment to produce a product of meaningful quality rather than the regurgitated dross of yesteryear. It begs for an overall understanding that investment of a franchise cannot be just a fly-by-night notion based on the vagaries of ratings and quick financial gain but a commitment to create cinematic art that will enrich us all!

Well, admittedly, perhaps I am being a little too over dramatic. It really does depend on how you chose to treat its relevance within our own reality, where your chose to place and judge your own personal perspective.

I want to thank Summer, Tim and everyone else who has worked so hard to bring us the Babcast. The legacy adds to the value of the whole in a relevant and most important way. I predict, in an eternally optimistic and enduring way, that we will eventually see Bab5 rebooted and enlarged. A world full of Geeks and tech heads clearly deserve more than the repetitive negativity of Stars Wars and the fatally broken trainwreck that is the Trek universe! Red Matter??? Give me a break!

In Bab5 we have clearly defined moral direction and a maelstrom of intergalactic uberdrama, a potent mix that must deserve more scrutiny that it gets. Along with Firefly, Bab5 will rise again!

Yours from the Bridge of the ‘Kallmatt Vittar’

11-15-2012, 12:52 PM
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RE: Our Last, Best Hope: Sleeping in Light

I'll miss this show even more than most think I will. It was my gateway into podcasting and has introduced me wonderful shows, and great people. Hopefully I've paid back a small amount of all the Babylon Podcast has given to me.

"You have always served me well, old friend. And sometimes I think I do not thank you as much as I should. .. Goodbye."

Thanks to Summer, Tim, Jeffrey, Mike, andBrad and Jeremy for all your hard work. It was all appreciated, the interviews, the commentary, the interaction with the fans, every minute of it.
11-29-2012, 10:33 PM (This post was last modified: 11-29-2012 10:33 PM by Satai (with Punsch).)
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RE: Our Last, Best Hope: Sleeping in Light
It had been an amazing run and even though I didn't participated with voicemails as much as I wanted to the show became a Babylon 5 comfy-blanket and a part of my everyday life. Tim and Summer a little like another set of friends who talk about great tv-shows.

Will miss you guys. And remember, that -you- have made a huge contribution to the B5 universe.

But Summer wrote: The Babylon Podcast will have ceased being a regularly scheduled podcast.

So perhaps there is hope of a more exclusive version then, with a few episodes coming up from time to time to report on new B5 development, an episode commentarie or and the much sought after interview (still waiting for Chris Franke and Joshua Cox)?

Not to mention the 10 year jubilee in 2016. Perhaps you could drag the Vorlon back in for that one. (did you ever get to look through his garage Summer?)
12-18-2012, 07:53 AM
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RE: Our Last, Best Hope: Sleeping in Light
Summer remains our summer girl: